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rofl most likely fandom for accidental body!swap EVER

…wait, didn’t they do a bodyswap ep with victor and echo? lmao

entwashiankiki is one of the best victor imprints everaside from victopher...and probably dominic because it also bordered on 'is the imprinting process real and is enver gjokaj a real active???'replies
::screech:: I love your dark!fic idea!

Hee. Thanks <3

idoagreatpatsy: Alana Bloom/Will Graham

Most of the answers presume that Will’s all well and out of prison and no more Hannibal Lecter roaming freely to mess with everybody’s minds and make cannibal jokes (unless otherwise provided henceforth)

Fake dating

Will remembers Alana vehemently against the idea of him being put out in the field again, after all the crap Jack allowed him to go through, and undercover no less, but he doesn’t remember who suggested that they go undercover together (“probably dating, probably married?”).

So here they, doing last minute preparations for the fancy cocktail in a hotel a few streets down the block. They decide for a “past dating, almost married” status for the two of them and Alana picks the least ostentatious engagement ring from the bunch given to her. Will shaves his beard, and they managed to get him a well-fitting suit to wear.

There’s a team of FBI agents listening in on their conversation, telling them the back story of every person they encountered and advising them on what to do.

But despite all of that, the quiet moments, the way he looks at her and the way she smiles at him, it all feels like it’s a real date.

And best of all, the FBI will be footing the bill.

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entwashian replied to your post: whoa, that caroline dhavernas situation progressed…
I am going to rectify this situation immediately because ugh the situation is getting progressively worst (I have checked her IMDB and planning on marathoning things)
late to the party but welcome! jay tyler is the best! and alana bloom is amazing.
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Friends and classmates have said that my handwriting belongs to the 1800s (although it looks weird and illegible if I use a different kind of pen… like a gel pen with a 0.3 pen tip.)

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I do believe in faeries! I do, I do!

Lol. OW was in that movie and good god, her character’s clothes were magnificent

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entwashianand surprisingly the kids who played her kids looked like they can be her kids with jason isaacslol

entwashian replied to your post: tbh I’m kinda tempted to tweet Reed and ask him something about, like, character motivation or what he thinks Dominic does post-series or why Adelle is so important to Dominic or something intelligent and meta yet still secretly really shippy

I love how you are totes the shepherd of this ship. Like, “Come along, little lambs!”

I’m glad you used ‘shepherd’ and not ‘pied piper’. Most of the time, I feel like what I’m doing is actually this—

Don’t worry, though. I won’t leave you to drown in your D/D feelings. We’re all in this together.


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I hope we get it this year… 3 Joss movies would be an embarrassment of riches for 2012!

That would be too much awesome for me to handle. (yes, please)

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Apparently I am more excited for Much Ado than I thought, because now I have funny feelings in my stomach and am looking through pics like whoa.

I’m so excited about it, even though I know that it probably won’t be shown here (I hope they show it here). Looking at the pictures and reading the few reviews that have popped up on the internet are making me giddy <3


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i accidentally woke up at 6 am and have been waiting for those pictures ever sincei get them almost 10 hours later(edited because apparently i doesn't no grammar)entwashian

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on eljay?! ::goes to look::



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MAJOR case of ‘I know something you don’t know’ face!

Well, Joss Whedon was in the audience at that time… *dun dun*

lol :D


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Hahahaha, now I want fic of Topher moving shit around to confuse them.


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entwashiansomeone make this statbecause it is awesome

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Seriously, they are not even looking in front of them. How do they know where they are going?!?!

It’s the magic of DeWitt and Dominic’s powerwalk with eyesex (also, since they walk around the Dollhouse together everyday, they’ve managed to memorize the entire layout of the facility like the back of their hand, thus enabling them to powerwalk and eyesex at the same time)

entwashiani just realized that i haven't .gif'ed all of d/d's powerwalkgotta get on to that stat

It's either I don't care or I care one hundred and crazy percent.

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