“This is not all there is to Laurence Dominic. No, ma’am.”

One of the last of his kind, the Captain fled his home planet of Gallifrey before its imminent destruction and his people’s extinction. He drifted through time and space, making it his personal mission to help those who are in need. He rarely invites others along in his travels, preferring to travel alone.

The Captain takes on a human form to escape the countless of enemies who want to steal his life force. He travels to Earth in the year 2005 and adopts the persona of ‘Laurence Dominic’, an employee with the National Security Agency of the United States of America. His personality more or less stayed the same as Laurence Dominic, and his efficiency and determination led to his being assigned an undercover mission to the Dollhouse.

When Adelle DeWitt, the head of the LA Dollhouse, discovers Dominic’s betrayal, she gives the orders to send him to the Attic. The Captain’s TARDIS, recognizing the danger, psychically forces Dominic to open the fob watch containing his Time Lord physiology and save himself from his fate.

Dominic changes back into the Captain and realizes that ‘Adelle DeWitt’ is the Baroness, a Time Lady who was believed to have died during the first wave of the Time War. He then helps her and her companion - Topher Brink - in destroying the Dollhouse technology.

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