Sydney: Vaughn, you have to get up. We have to get out of here. Come on! They’re going to be back in a second.
Vaughn: Syd?
Sydney: I’m so sorry. I’m going to shoot you with adrenaline. We have got to run.
Vaughn: Uh, don’t do that
(Sydney pounds the needle on his chest; Vaughn screams)
Alias 2x01 – The Enemy Walks In

Alt!Broyles: We don’t have much time, we have to get out of here. Come on, get up.
Olivia: You came back for me.
Alt!Broyles: Don’t thank me, I have to give you adrenaline
Olivia: Oh no, please don’t
(Alt!Broyles pounds the needle on her chest; Olivia screams)
Fringe 3x08 – Entrada

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